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"But sometimes it’s hard to admit you’re suffering too. It’s like opening yourself up, knowing that you’ll never be able to close yourself again"

— My Summer of Pink and Green (via the-fault-in-our-iman)

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(verb) In our list of beautiful feelings, this heartbreaking act is the manifestation of hardening one’s heart. This is a side-effect from pain; it is a way of emotional self-preservation. Just because one has induratized, it does not mean you have chosen to become numb from love or emotions, it is a form of self-protection. We prefer that everybody guards their heart but with a soft coating, rather than a hard one.  (via wordsnquotes)

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"Show me the world inside your mind."

Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)

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"Imagine this: that for once
the princess doesn’t need to be saved,
that the woman is a fucking hero,
that I can walk home alone
without clutching a Swiss Army knife.
Imagine this: you are no longer
flammable. You are not a match
to be lit, but you sure do strike.
Imagine this: you are not
the only one who
has ever felt this way.
Imagine this: you drape kisses
across your lover’s hip bones
without consequence.
You never have to be alone.
Imagine this: I hunt and I want,
and there’s not a damn thing
anyone can do about it.
Imagine this: you’re always situated
on the cusp of something

jessica therese, “Imagine This” (via contramonte)

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